Individual Supporters

The Barrier-Free BC campaign is pleased to have earned the committed support of 581 supporters and we are pleased to recognize the following 498 individuals who also recognize the value and need for a British Columbians with Disabilities Act and who further elected to have their names displayed on this web page. To add your name visit here.


Abdi, Ali – Vancouver, BC
AboMoslim, Maryam – Vancouver, bC
Agabob, Steve – Maple Ridge, BC
Allison, Don – Vancouver, BC
Almond, Tricia – Maple Ridge, BC
Amendolagine, Suzanne – Pitt Meadows, BC
Anderson, Mary – Richmond, BC
Ang, Dolores – Courtenay, BC
Ang, Romilda – Richmond, BC
Anthony, Jake – Burnaby, BC
Arrotta, Sharie – Burnaby, BC
Bahadshah, Khatoon – Richmond, BC
Bailey, Charles – Abbotsford, BC
Baker, Lauren – Calgary, AB
Baxter, Sheila – Vancouver, BC
Beaudry, Jonas – Vancouver, BC
Beda, Eva D. – Vancouver, BC
Beland, Julie – Richmond, BC
Belanger, Anne – New Westminster, BC
Belhacene, Ilyes – Richmond, BC
Bell, Patrick – Chilliwack, BC
Bennett, Laura – Aldergrove, BC
Bertrand, Steve – Victoria, BC
Blackman, Sean – Vancouver, BC
Block, Tracey – New Westminster, BC
Bodnar, Faith – New Westminster, BC
Bolger, Bill – Vancouver, BC
Breen, Margaret – Vancouver, BC
Bronstein, Joel – Vancouver, BC
Brooks, Lindsay – Victoria, BC
Brown, AJ – West Vancouver, BC
Brown, Ann – Chilliwack, BC
Brown, Barbara – Vancouver, BC
Brown, Edith – Vancouver, BC
Brown, Robert – Nelson, BC
Bublitz, Chris – Surrey, BC
Buchanan, Marjorie – Vancouver, BC
Budden, Jean – Vancouver, BC
Butler, Paul – New Westminster, BC
Cain, Chris – Chilliwack, BC
Calbery, Alexandra – Surrey, BC
Calle, Cesar – Vancouver, BC
Campbell, Katt – Victoria, BC
Carpenter, Matthew – Vancouver, bC
Carruthers, Norma – Langley, BC
Carson, Patricia – Langley, BC
Casey, Moira – Roberts Creek, BC
Casey, Peggy – Vancouver, BC
Casey, William P – Vancouver, BC
Cassady, Arlene – Chilliwack, BC
Castillo, Venus – Vancouver, BC
Celsie, Christie – Surrey, BC
Chambers, Jean – West Vancouver, BC
Chan, Sam – Langley, BC
Chapman, Cindy – Vancouver, BC
Cheung, Iva – New Westminster, BC
Cheung, Michael – Richmond, BC
Chicoine, Alexis – North Vancouver, BC
Chinda, Betty – West Vancouver, BC
Choi, Carrie – Richmond, BC
Chong, Victor – Victoria, BC
Chow, Deb – Vancouver, BC
Christensen, Lynda – Langley, BC
Ciulla, Anthony – Surrey, BC
Ciulla, Brenda – Surrey, BC
Ciulla, Gavin – Surrey, BC
Ciulla, Gino – Surrey, BC
Claman, Louie – Vancouver, bC
Clark, Rod – North Vancouver, BC
Clarke, Blair – Burnaby, BC
Clarke, Wendy – Vancouver, BC
Commens, Norm – Richmond, BC
Conchie, Galen – Kootenays, BC
Conway, William – Sechelt, BC
Cook, Graham – Richmond, BC
Cooper, Athena – Vancouver, BC
Copeland, Karen – Abbotsford, BC
Cox, Tasha – Burnaby, BC
Craver, Monica – North Vancouver, BC
Crean, Tom – Vancouver, BC
Cumpstone, Selina – Victoria, bC
Cunnings, Jennifer – Vancouver, BC
Currie, Devin – Richmond, bC
Cutchey, Maria – Vancouver, BC
Dahl, Marilyn – Vancouver, BC
Danforth, Pat – Victoria, BC
Daoust-Boucher, Sarah – Richmond, BC
Dawy, Paul – Vancouver, BC
De Wildt, Shayne – North Vancouver, BC
deCrewe, Billie Mae – Chilliwack, BC
deCrewe, Bruce – Chilliwack, BC
DeGroot, Laury – Rosedale, BC
Del Pieve Gobbi, Rena – Vancouver, BC
Devji, Sofeya – Richmond, BC
Dhillon, Ravinder – Richmond, BC
Diaz, Chrispina – Vancouver, BC
Do, Phillip – Richmond, BC
Doulome, William – Langley, BC
Doyharcabal, Judy – Langley, BC
Doyharcabal, Rene – Langley, BC
Doyle, Deirdre – West Vancouver, BC
Doyle, Mark – West Vancouver, BC
Drabyk, Joan – New Westminster, BC
Drake, Earl – Vancouver, BC
Dye, Gardiner – North Vancouver, BC
Easton, Anne – Vancouver, BC
Easton, Jim – Vancouver, BC
Eberle, Edna – Chilliwack, BC
Elhalt, Freeda – Vancouver, BC
Elston, Heather – Bowmanville, Ontario
Fallon, Gerald – Nanaimo, BC
Fan, Xinyan – Vancouver, BC
Fanning, Michael – Vancouver, BC
Farris, Jacquie – Victoria, BC
Farrish, Sharon – Vancouver, bC
Fehr, Mary – Langley, BC
Ferreira, Laila – Vancouver, BC
Fijal, Paul – Vancouver, BC
Fohn, Josephine – Richmond, BC
Frankson, Doug – Vancouver, BC
Fredette, Darcy – Surrey, BC
Fredette, Phyllis – Surrey, BC
Frolick, Daniel – Burnaby, BC
Fu, Nancy – Richmond, BC
Fuller, Kathy – Bowen Island, BC
Fulton, Michael – Kamloops, BC
Gallant, Lynne – Vancouver, BC
Garat, Darlene – Campbell River, BC
Garat, Rachel – Victoria, BC
Gardner, Gail – Victoria, BC
Geernaert, Trudy – Coquitlam, BC
Gerlach, Cyndi – North Vancouver, BC
Gibney, Brian – Vancouver, BC
Gilchrist, Gail – Richmond, BC
Giles, Dave – Vancouver, BC
Giles, Shirley – Vancouver, BC
Goddyn, Rachel – Burnaby, BC
Godfrey, Mark – Vancouver, BC
Goepel, Stephen – Vancouver, BC
Gordon, Andre – Victoria, BC
Gould, Angela – Richmond, BC
Gowan, Paul – Vancouver, bC
Graham, Jackie – Chilliwack, BC
Granberg, Rob – Port Coquitlam, BC
Green, Rich – Richmond, BC
Gregory, Darren – Wynndel, bC
Gueguen, Russell – Vancouver, BC
Gupta, Pushpa – Vancouver, BC
Hackett, Georgina – Coquitlam, BC
Hacquebard, Simone – Chilliwack, BC
Hafizullah, Abu – Richmond, BC
Haldane, Alan – Chilliwack, BC
Hamilton, Charles – Vancouver, BC
Hanevelt, Janet – New Westminster, BC
Harlow, Richard – Nanaimo, BC
Harpe, Rita – Kamloops, bC
Harris, Edwina – Vancouver, BC
Harritz, Dorthe – Vancouver, BC
Hayto, Cindy – Burnaby, BC
Heaslip, Sean – Vancouver, BC
Hebert, Robert – Maple Ridge, BC
Heide, Alberto – Surrey, BC
Heng, Francis – Vancouver, bC
Hewitt, Michelle – Kelowna, BC
Hickey, Verna – Langley, BC
Hicks, Peter – Victoria, BC
hicks, susan – Canoe, BC
Hill, Ala – Richmond, BC
Hiltz, Fraser – Burnaby, BC
Ho, Beatrice – Vancouver, BC
Ho, Rosalind – Burnaby, BC
Ho, Sarah – Richmond, BC
Hocevar, Mike – Maple Ridge, BC
Hodgson, Robert – Vancouver, BC
Hogg, Elizabeth – Burnaby, BC
Hole, Rachelle – Kelowna, BC
Holloway, Lori – Port Coquitlam, BC
Holloway, Paul – Port Coquitlam, BC
Howie, Junie – West Vancouver, BC
Hu, Andrew – Richmond, BC
Huang, Ella – Richmond, BC
Hudson, Alexa – Vancouver, BC
Hudson, Jim – North Vancouver, BC
Hudson, Mary – North Vancouver, BC
Isaak, Sharon – Vancouver, BC
Isitt, Ben – Victoria, BC
Jackson, Gillian – Vancouver, BC
James, Debre – Vancouver, BC
Jarus-Hakak, Tal – Vancouver, BC
Jennings, Suzan – Victoria, BC
Jensen, Lynn – Port Moody, BC
Jensen, Rebecca – Vancouver, BC
Jesso, Jennifer – Vancouver, BC
johnson, Ben – Kamloops, BC
Johnson, David – Surrey, BC
Johnson, Kurtis – Burnaby, BC
Johnson, Lillian – Vancouver, BC
Johnson, Lois – Vancouver, BC
Johnson, Louise – Surrey, BC
Johnson, Margaret – Vancouver, BC
Johnston, Dianna – Surrey, BC
Johnston, Kirsty – Vancouver, BC
Johnston, Marjorie – Chilliwack, BC
Jones, Gaylene – Surrey, BC
Jones, Joel – Surrey, BC
Jones, Josh – Surrey, BC
Jones, Paul – Victoria, BC
Jones, Trevor – Victoria, BC
Jonker, Art – Vancouver, BC
Jukes, Jill – Vancouver, BC
Kalshoven, E – Richmond, BC
Kam, Clinton – Richmond, BC
Kane, Peggy – Vancouver, BC
Kapadia, George – Coquitlam, BC
Kapp, Susan – Vancouver, BC
Kelly, Peggy – Langley, BC
Kinley, Gloria – Aldergrove, BC
Kirby, Barb – Vancouver, BC
Kliegl, Kozmo – Vancouver, BC
Knechtel, Brenda – Coquitlam, BC
Knighton, Gwen – Langley, BC
Knot, Michaela – Vancouver, bC
Kohlman, Sherry – Chilliwack, BC
Kohut-Jones, Michele – Coquitlam, BC
Kripps, Stephanie – Vancouver, BC
Kroemer, Angela – Courtenay, BC
Kuddythamby, Ratnasingham – Vancouver, BC
Kwong, Danita – Richmond, BC
Lacharity, Erin – Victoria, BC
Lagace, Paul – Kamloops, BC
Lalji, Asifa – New Westminster, bC
Lalosin, Domingo – Vancouver, BC
Lam, Lily – Richmond, BC
Langolf, Gudrun – Vancouver, BC
Langston, Craig – Burnaby, BC
Larush, Judy – Burnaby, BC
Laszlo, Charles – Vancouver, BC
Lau, Chris – Richmond, BC
Laughlin, Charlie – Port Coquitlam, BC
Lawson, Lisa – Surrey, BC
Le, Angela – Coquitlam, BC
LeCours, Dan – Surrey, BC
Lee, Winnie – Vancouver, BC
Leenhouts, Jennifer – Vancouver, BC
Leland, Donald – Delta, BC
LeMay, Lenore – Victoria, BC
Lennox, Bonnie – Agassiz, BC
Leong, Eric – Vancouver, BC
Lewin, Bill – Parksville, BC
Lewis, Chris – Langley, BC
Lewis, Michael – West Vancouver, BC
Leyland, Edna – Vancouver, BC
Liang, Shirley – Richmond, BC
Lidyard, Dellie – Vancouver, BC
Lim, Edmark – Richmond, BC
Lim, Seng – Vancouver, BC
Lisik, Natalie – Coquitlam, BC
Lo, Sam – Vancouver, BC
Louie, Tom – Langley, BC
Lovegrove, Tricia – Burnaby, BC
Luk, Dennis – Richmond, BC
Ly, Vivian – Vancouver, BC
Ma, Melody – Vancouver, BC
Mabena, Simangele – Vancouver, BC
Macdonald, Judy – 100 Mile House, bC
MacFarlane, Ivan C. – Vancouver, BC
Machan, Maxine – Victoria, BC
ackay, Bruce – Vancouver, BC
MacKeigan, Tanya – Kelowna, BC
MacKinnon, Angus – West Vancouver, BC
MacKinnon, Emily – Victoria, BC
Mackinnon, Stuart – Vancouver, BC
MacLean, Roz – Vancouver, BC
MacLeod, Nancy – Victoria, BC
MacPherson, Esther – Surrey, BC
Mah, Bill – Kelowna, BC
Mahood, Shirley – Victoria, BC
Mallinson, Nancy – Abbotsford, BC
Mamer, Linda – Vancouver, BC
Mansell, Sandra – Victoria, BC
Marceil, Pat – Chilliwack, BC
Marion, Richard – Richmond, BC
Markel, Lynda – Langley, BC
Marsolais, Shawn – Coquitlam, BC
McCannell, Brad – Sechelt, BC
McCrae, Lynne – Vancouver, BC
McCreary, June – Langley, BC
McCully, Jim – Vancouver, BC
McDonald, Ray – Burnaby, BC
McGee, Cherise – Langley, BC
McGonigal, Shirley – Langley, BC
McGuinness, Colleen – Vancouver, BC
McHugh, Joyce – Langley, BC
McInnes, Dina – Richmond, BC
McKee, Thomas – Vancouver, BC
McKinstry, Gregory – Vancouver, BC
McLean, Jan – Maple Ridge, BC
McLoughh, Mary – Vancouver, BC
McNabb, Anne – Chilliwack, BC
McNulty, Brian – Vancouver, BC
McTaggart, Donna – Langley, BC
Mercer, Peg – Vancouver, BC
Meredith, Lynn – Vancouver, bC
Meyerink, Stacy – Vancouver, BC
Miele, Vince – Richmond, BC
Milton, Wayne – Chilliwack, BC
Mok, Christine – Richmond, BC
Morrison, Clint – New Westminster, BC
Morrissey, Chris – Vancouver, BC
Morton, Jeanne – Vancouver, BC
Moulder, Norma – Maple Ridge, BC
Mountain, Sandra – Prince George, BC
Mountain, Sylvia – Langley, BC
Muir, Jim – Vancouver, BC
muirhead, esther – denman island, bC
Mulka, John – Vancouver, BC
Murphy, M-A – Vancouver, BC
Musselman, Carrie – Chilliwack, BC
Nair, Dezaye – Vancouver, BC
Nand, Sharda – Vancouver, BC
Newman, Beth – Richmond, BC
Nidosky, Faye – Surrey, BC
Nielsen, Rene – Sidney, BC
Norman, Dave – Maple Ridge, BC
Norman, Myrna – Maple Ridge, BC
Nygard, Mary – Vancouver, BC
O’Connor, Bernie – Maple Ridge, BC
O’Nions, Esq, Mark-John – Vancouver, BC
Oldham, Norman – Burnaby, BC
Page, Brent – Vancouver BC
Panganiban, Junah – Richmond, BC
Parker, Tom – Richmond, BC
Pattenaude, Jennifer – North Vancouver, BC
Patterson, Joanne – Vancouver, BC
Pauelsen, Deborah – Parksville, BC
Pauelsen, Hendrikus – Parksville, BC
Pearson, Maisie – Chilliwack, BC
Pedersen, Karen – Chilliwack, BC
Peschke, Brigitte – Vancouver, BC
Peters, Sara – Chilliwack, BC
Peters, Susana – Chilliwack, BC
Phillips, Roberta – Vancouver, BC
Pierce, Allana – Surrey, BC
Pietras, Aaron – New Westminster, BC
Plain, Jack – Surrey, BC
Polson, Bobbie – Delta, BC
Polson, Rick – Delta, BC
Popescu, Gheorghe – Vancouver, BC
Potash, Jean – St. Albert, AB
Power, Jennifer – Vancouver, BC
Poynter, Aven – Langley, BC
Poynter, Christopher – Victoria, BC
Poynter, Jeffrey – Victoria, BC
Poynter, Larry – Surrey, BC
Poynter, Reed – Langley, BC
Prior, Scott – Coquitlam, BC
Provost, Maureen – North Vancouver, BC
Radatzke, Sherrie – Langley, BC
Ranson, Katrina – New Westminister, BC
Reimer, John -Langley, BC
Remund, Leslie – Vancouver, BC
Richards, Jeff – Kamloops, BC
Ricker, Scott – Vancouver, BC
Rieger, Sheila – Vancouver, BC
Rike, Joan – Vancouver, BC
Ringrose, Carol – Surrey, BC
Roberts, Norma – Vancouver, BC
Robertson, Tara – Vancouver, BC
Robles, Sherry – Langley, BC
Robson, Sheena – Chilliwack, BC
Rodrigo, Bev – Langley, BC
Rogers, Thora – North Vancouver, BC
Rollins, Chuck – Chilliwack, BC
Rueger, Barry – North Vancouver, BC
Ruel, Albert – Parksville, BC
Rushton, Marilyn – Burnaby, BC
Ryder, Norm – Saanichton, BC
Sagala, Julius – Coquitlam, BC
Sanghera, Manprit – Surrey, BC
Savage, Cheryl – Victoria, BC
Sayson, Patricia – Richmond, BC
Schikora, Martin – Coquitlam, BC
Schwartz, Nate – Victoria, BC
Scott, Gerry – Chilliwack, BC
Sechter, Genevieve – Vancouver, BC
Semler, Edie – Chilliwack, BC
Shaw, Krystian – Kamloops, BC
Shayler, Diane – Richmond , BC
Shields, Gordon – Maple Ridge, BC
Shields, Valerie – Maple Ridge, BC
Shih, Kathie – Richmond, BC
Shillington, Karen – Vancouver, BC
Short, Len and Heather – Kamloops, BC
Short, vern – Kamloops, BC
Shrive, David – Victoria, BC
Sias, Erma – Chilliwack, BC
Simpson, Duane – Victoria, BC
Sirota, Michael – Richmond, BC
Siu, Samantha – Richmond, BC
Skeates, Joanne – Langley, BC
Skogland, Grete – Vancouver, BC
Sleath, Brayden – Richmond, BC
Sleath, Daniel – Surrey, BC
Sleath, Rob – Richmond, BC
Smith, Peter – Chilliwack, BC
Smith, Winnifred – Vancouver, BC
Smithson, Elaine – Chilliwack, BC
Sorensen, Robert – Victoria, BC
Spencer, Adam – Oakville, ON
Squires, Geoffrey – Langley, BC
Sriharan, Joanne – Vancouver, BC
Stainton, Tim – Delta, BC
Station, Annette – Chilliwack, BC
Stevens, Carolyn – Victoria, BC
Stinson, Carol – Vancouver, BC
Strand, Glen – 100 Mile House, bC
Stuart, Barbara – Langley, BC
Swaile, Egelene – Chilliwack, BC
Swain, Angie – Surrey, BC
Swan, Olivia – Vancouver, BC
Sweeney, Mark – Surrey, BC
Symington, Dave – Vancouver, BC
Tam, Chiu – Richmond, BC
Tam, Wilson – Richmond, BC
Tan, Nana – Richmond, BC
Tang, Tom – Richmond, BC
Tauber, Carol – Langley, BC
Taylor, Janet – New Westminster, BC
Taylor, Marguerite – Chilliwack, BC
Taylor, Rhoda – Summerland, BC
Termaten, Britta – Surrey, BC
Thio, Shannon – Salmon Arm, bC
Thompson, Iris – Coquitlam, BC
Thompson, Richard – North Vancouver, BC
Tomlinson, George – New Westminster, BC
Toone, Joan – Sidney, BC
Toor, Rana – Vancouver, BC
Trotman, Gail – Chilliwack, BC
Trotman, Mike – Chilliwack, BC
Tsang, Shelton – Richmond, BC
Tsang, Tony – Richmond, BC
Tsui, Joseph – Vancouver, BC
Tu, Sandy – Richmond, BC
Tucker, Brian – Vancouver, BC
Tucker, Gertrude – Langley, BC
Turner, Bruce – Victoria, BC
Urquhart, William – Vancouver, BC
Vachon, Cheryl – Kamloops, BC
Valente, Roberto – Burnaby, BC
van der Boom, Theo – Chilliwack, BC
van Leeuwen, Rosamund – West Vancouver, BC
Van Spronsen, Bernie – Langley, BC
Vanderlee, John – Vancouver, BC
Verozinis, Spyros – Port Coquitlam, BC
Veuger, Sheila – Vancouver, BC
Vittie, Tyler – New Westminster, BC
Vogler, Colleen – New Westminster, BC
Vu, Viet – Richmond, BC
Wadolna, Eva – Vancouver, BC
Walker, Ed – Vancouver, BC
Walker, Warren – Vancouver, BC
Wang, Vivian – Richmond, BC
Ward, Philippa – Vancouver, BC
Watson Hyatt, Glenda – Surrey, BC
Watt, Jennifer – Vancouver, BC
Weiler, Jackie – Vancouver, BC
Wells, Madison – Victoria, BC
Westerhof, Richard – Chilliwack, BC
Wheeler, Vincent – Vancouver, BC
Wilkie, Alison – Vancouver, BC
Wilkie, Craig – Vancouver, BC
Willett, Katherine – Vancouver, BC
Williamson, Candice – Richmond, BC
Williamson, Kim – Langley, BC
Willing, Pat – Vancouver, BC
Willows, David – Central Saanich, bC
Wills, Pat – Chilliwack, BC
Wilson, Eugene – Vancouver, BC
Wilson, Michael – New Westminster, BC
Wilson, Sheryl Ann – Penticton, BC
Wilton, Adam – Vancouver, BC
Wong, Gary – Richmond, BC
Wong, Nellie – Burnaby, BC
Wood, Kimberly – Surrey, BC
Worcester, Bob – Vancouver, BC
Wright, Paul – Vancouver, BC
Yan, Philip – Vancouver, BC
Yau, Ronnie – Richmond, BC
Yeung, Ian – Richmond, BC
Yewchan, Lovette – Surrey, BC
Yip, Andrea – Vancouver, BC
Youngblut, Colleen – Victoria, BC
Yvonne Bulk, Laura – Vancouver, BC
Zadorozny, Willian – Vancouver, BC
Zaitsoff, Walter & Ina – Surrey, BC
Zebehazy, Kim – Vancouver, BC
Zeldis, Maria – Burnaby, BC
Ziros, Julianna – Victoria, BC